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Principal Ekeler
August 11 ,2019
Eagle Family of Families,Your children are safe. Let me start here, and then later I will return: Your children were and are safe.By now, most of you know that Monsignor will not be returning to Cathedral because you were at Masses held this weekend. I have promised honesty and transparency, and I have given you my best effort at that. To be frank, since Monsignor’s departure I have been placed next to you in the pews as a parishioner and parent – no extra communication or inside information.Recently, however, I was brought into the full light of the conversation regarding Monsignor. It was here that a final decision was agreed upon for our community. Monsignor was a gentleman during this process, and chose to put the Cathedral community ahead of himself (please see his letter to you below my signature).This is where the transparency comes in…Monsignor is working through an array of issues, and the accumulation of years trying to be a “Superman Priest” – all things to all people. He ha...
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